Edinburgh, Scotland

I had the pleasure of traveling to a new city to visit an old friend.  Nina and I hadn’t seen each other in maybe ten years but when we discovered we were both studying in Europe, it was the perfect excuse to reunite. Her apartment was truly Pinterest-worthy, and she even introduced me to her friend, Scarlett, who joined us for the weekend. Together we had some wild adventures.

These lovely ladies led me through Edinburgh
These lovely ladies led me through Edinburgh

We wandered around the city, which is small but beautiful, filled with young college students and lively tourists.

Great views in Edinburgh

And got the chance to see some incredible castles:

Beautiful city! Beautiful friends! Beautiful experience!

Annie Rubin

Annie proudly knows all the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's album Blue. When she's not writing, you can find her reading about intersectionality, drinking Lorelai-Gilmore-levels of coffee, and exploring the world.

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