Angela Merkel and The Wake of Political Non-Feminism — We Wave Mag

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In response to “The World’s Most Powerful Woman Won’t Call Herself a Feminist”


It seems paradoxical that Angela Merkel, “the world’s most powerful woman”, does not identify as a feminist. However, to assume the title of “feminist” demands acknowledgement of ongoing systemic inequality, and who better to represent gender equality than a female international political leader? Merkel’s thoughtful political approach is to curtail any question of female incompetence by ignoring inquiries that emphasize her femaleness. She rocks the tectonic plates of social construction to gaslight any nonbeliever who questions that women can (and should) do anything. […]

via Angela Merkel and The Wake of Political Non-Feminism — We Wave

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Images from Pixabay and We Wave.

Annie Rubin

Annie proudly knows all the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's album Blue. When she's not writing, you can find her reading about intersectionality, drinking Lorelai-Gilmore-levels of coffee, and exploring the world.

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