Women’s Issues: What Are They? — IPI Global Observatory

Binara Full Moon Poya Day in Galle Fort
Numerous groups of college students dressed in blue visit UNESCO World Heritage, Galle Fort, during Binara Full Moon Poya Day. (Nano Calvo via AP Images)

Sexism, reproductive health, gender-based violence—these are a few topics that often come up under the subject of “women’s issues.” Although a buzzword, the term “women’s issues” is regularly used without precise definition, and often has slighting, divisive undertones. When referring to women’s equal rights and participation, gender-based violence, or reproductive health, the use of “women’s issues” is well-intentioned. At the same time, it presents a paradox as it can create barriers to men’s involvement, when in fact each of these issues require men’s full participation to resolve…

via Women’s Issues: What Are They?

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Annie Rubin

Annie proudly knows all the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's album Blue. When she's not writing, you can find her reading about intersectionality, drinking Lorelai-Gilmore-levels of coffee, and exploring the world.

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